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  2. EmergyCare Membership Giveaway!

    EmergyCare Membership Giveaway!

    Enter the EmergyCare Membership Giveaway!
    One (1) Lucky Winner will each receive a One Year Annual Emergycare Household Membership.

    When your family needs help,
    costs should be the last care, not the first.

    With an EmergyCare membership, you pay no out-of-pocket expenses for EmergyCare emergency ambulance response. Our reasonably priced Membership options buy you peace of mind for just pennies a day.

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  4. GoErie Daily Deal

  5. Paint it All Pink - Test Your Breast Cancer Knowledge

    Paint it All Pink - Test Your Breast Cancer Knowledge

    Learn about the early detection of Breast Cancer.

    Participation will also help you support the cause as one national participant will receive an opportunity to donate $5000 to your favorite Breast Cancer Charity and to personally receive $5000.

    5 secondary prizes of $500 will also be awarded in support of spreading awareness for this important cause

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